​​​                      Upcoming Events:

My mom's 90th birthday celebration in Cleveland on May 26th was a memorable occasion. Over 20 relatives came in from out of town and they were joined by many local friends.  We have lots of wonderful pictures. 

Thanks to a few days of effort, my children, nephew and a few of their cousins were able to see LeBron James win the 6th game of the Eastern Conference Championship. Who knew it would also be his final win in Cleveland. They got an extra reason to be glad they came.  My husband and I got to share babysitting duties for our 3 grandkids with my mom.   

Although we watched the win on TV, her favorite part of the evening was listening the oldest, Nathanel (age 7), read a book 
to her about sharks. 

Soon she will have surgery on one of her eyes. I will be leaving next week for Cleveland and will be there for the rest of the month.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back and "pulling strings" around town once again :)

 ​I had the opportunity to provide dinner music for a holiday feast at the Veteran's Home in Ivins last year.  One of the residents had her picture taken with me and the staff made sure to get a release so that I could include the picture here.  I had such a great time and the sound system they had set up for me was fantastic ! The quality was only surpassed by the warmth of the residents. Thank you for including me !!



​      There are many times that the harp sounds perfectly well without any amplification.

       Sometimes that is not the case and although I no longer bring my own amplifier, I have my  own microphone and cord which I can plug into an existing sound system using either my jack or canon (3-prong) end.

​         A system with phantom power gets the best sound, but I also have a battery powered microphone.

Length of Sets:

 Depending on the total amount of playing time, sets are between from 45 - 60 minutes each, with one 10-15 min. break (per hour) scheduled in a way that enhances the flow of  your event activities.

How to Contact Me:

Although I didn't participate in the most recent Parade of Homes, 

I love the way my harp looked in the magnificent setting I got to play
​in for the 2016 Parade.
(Beside this amazing fireplace, who would believe that my harp is really 6 foot tall ?)

​​​​​A signed proposal, returned with a deposit, will serve as a contract securing your date and time. I will always attempt to contact you by phone and e mail if someone else requests your time before I have received your signed contract.

Harp Of Saint George

Please call or send me an e mail that includes your name and phone number along with the best day and time to reach you so that I can prepare a proposal for your special event as soon as possible.


It is never too early to schedule the harp :

​​Most special events take place on Fridays or Saturdays. Remember each month only has a few to choose from.

I am now in St George UT:

Phone:          702-812-3895

Email:  janetclark660@gmail.com