Harp Of Saint George

Live  harp music instantly elevates an event in a way that is impossible to duplicate.

  • Shield About Me/Isn't She Lovely7:45

  • Humble Yourself2:09

              adding live harp music is an excellent idea!

 A harp is beautiful, graceful, elegant.  Whether the sound is amplified or acoustic, it can fill the room without overpowering a conversation.

​Harp music will complete the experience you have prepared for your guests, providing  just the right accompaniment for stepping away from everyday stresses in order to enjoy and fully appreciate every detail that you have selected.

Although I am fairly new to the St George area, I invite you to browse through my photos and personal notes to give you an overview of the opportunities I have had to provide harp music in many Las Vegas venues. Hopefully, you will feel just as confident as I do, that

​including live harp music is exactly the right choice.

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Janet Anthony-Clark

  • We Three Kings 3:56

  • Mystery4:39

  • Rejoice 3:10
  • We Three Kings 3:56